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Crowdsourced QA testing for web and mobile.




Exploratory testing helps to find real - world bugs and crash errors in quality and stability.

Moderated bug reports delivered in a very short time, accelerating your development process.

Utilizing the accomplished proficient testers to discover basic issues and improve the nature of your applications.

Access to a versatile QA group you can access on-request whenever, anyplace, as and when you need it.


Experiment execution by means of the group ensures your center client streams are filling in of course.

Benefit from the results of lightning - fast tests so that you can provide end users with high - quality apps and websites.

Avoid expensive test automation engineers, as non - technical teams can write UI tests.

Testing your sprints and releases works, not against them.

Localized Testing

There is increasing pressure to deliver and release mobile apps and websites of high quality for global audiences.Failure to take into account international markets results in a painful customer experience, slower international growth and more agile local competitors ' market share opportunities.

We enable tech teams to leverage testers with real devices in real environments.Simply select your location and we will provide local test results so that your team can address your customers bugs.

"Software testing proves the existence of bugs not their absence"

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